Update: Febuary 26,2006

Paintball Source happy to announce mashedpotatoe8 as the new leader of Paintball source, sadly the founder Darson is going off to college and we wish him the best of luck. Stay tuned for more updates! we have much more to show you!


Update: January 30,2006

Demo release for Paintball Source V.1 is coming this summer! Stay tuned for more info this week

Update: January 28,2006

Hey guys, sorry we have not updated in awhile. The reason being was because we just had a massive amount of people join the team, and me and Dan ( the new manager) have been trying to get everything organized. But now we are back on our feet and we are ready to go. Today we have 3 models for you by Starseige, and we should be getting alot more Models up soon! so stay tuned



Update: January 16,2006

Hey guys, big update and our first update today ( for moddb), here’s what just went down today. Paintball source and Aggressive Paintball have merged. We are going to be sharing ideas, models, and rights to the mod. I think the decision to merge was the best decision that we could have made! The mod is making great progress, every day we have something new to look at and we have a good amount done for only being around for 3 weeks. Expect that the guns will all be modeled and skinned and scripted completely by late February/early march. Don’t worry, we will keep you updated. It would seem that lots of people are wondering whether the mod is completely recball/woodsball, I would like to clear that up, we are a vast mix of both...we are just waiting to get bunker models. I would also like to let everyone know that the original list of guns, which were mainly low end, has been updated.The list now includes an intimidator, angel and some other high ends (~*cough*~dm6~*cough*~)
Check out our site for news and contact information, later all

The Pb Source Mod team.


Today we also have our first skinned weapon by Echo, Very nice job Echo with the G7, I would also like everyone to say welcome to our new modeler Flyboy,expect some great work from him very soon :) Also check us out on moddb

Post: January 13,2006
By Bravo

Being we are a paintball mod, when i heard about a tank that fires paintballs, I had to find out more,
Magunus Ivarsson has built an internet controlled tank, that fires paintballs!
With either an automatic or semi-automatic fireing modes.This beast of a tank can shoot up to 20 paintballs per second, and
this tank is a must see! here are some links:
Click here

Thank you very much for letting me test drive your excellent tank :)
Posted by Bravo.

Update: January 11,2006

Here's another update for you guys! The team has decided that the old website was to boring, so we decided to create a new one. The new site is just a work in progress at the moment, but it will soon feature new java script features. We are also installing a new forum, so get ready to transfer over! Stay tuned for next weeks update


Welcome! to Paintball Source

Update: January 10,2006

Hello everyone and welcome back for this weeks update. This week we have a gun model to showcase. We have a Angel Speed 2005 by Dark_warrior, and we also have a character model W.I.P by Darson. Stay tuned for more updates :)

Update: January 1,2006

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a happy and safe holiday,Darson here giving you guys a sneak peek of some cool stuff going behind the scenes of paintball source. Bravo has volunteered to do this weeks update so ill let him take over :) Bravo: Today brings us to our 3rd update for the Half life Death match mod Paintball Source. The team now consists of 5 members

D@rson07: Team leader,Modeler,Skinner,Map Creation,Webmaster
Akria : Modeler,forum admin
Dark _Warrior: Modeler
Bravo: Mapper
ArtIsTiCxGaNgStA : Concept artist
Bunguer: Mapper

So far we have one finished map, Several modeled paintball guns and most importantly, paintballs! Ok, so the bit you have been waiting for, what's a media release without some screenshots eh?

Update: Friday December 23,2005

Hey guys,D@rson here with our first update!,Our mod staff is working incredibly hard,we got a site and 2 paintball guns already near completion for the first 2 days of work.Our forums are almost ready as well,expect those up in 2 days or so,possibly before Christmas.If you would like to join the team send me a email at hondaex3005@yahoo.com or cache me on aim at hondasi33200.Anywyas lets get to the goods,here is Spyder done by Dark _warrior and a tippman 98 custom done by me ( D@rson ) ,both models are a W.I.P but they should be completed and skinned soon,Feel free to comment on moddb!

Click to enlarge


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