The following will be the features that will be usable in the first release (Version 1.0) of Paintball : Source.

1) Over 10 Gun Models!
2) 4 Hoppers/Loaders to choose from
3) 3 different kinds of paint inluding Rental, Normal, and Tourny all that will have a different breaking average on the enemy player
4) 4 diffrent jerseys ... 4 different pants ... 4 different gloves
5) 4 different masks
6) 5 different barrels
7) Gameplay will include Leaning left/right ... Diving ... Sprinting ... Crouching ... Proning ... and Sliding
8) Gameplay Modes will be CTF and Elimination (CTF where you must either eliminate the opposing team or take the enemy team's flag back to your side where Elimination will be to win the round by getting the entire opposing team out)
9) Maps will include 10 at 1st release (INCLUDING 8 Tournament style maps and 2 Recreational style maps)
10) 1 male and 1 female player model will be available for you to choose from
11) There will be a very well designed speed system with 3 different player classes to choose from including a Back Player(Slow w/ 6 pods) ... Mid Player(Normal w/ 5 pods) ... and a Front Player(Fast w/ 4 pods)
12) In-Game Tournaments ... Every month there will be a tournament run over a course of 2 weekends(2 Saturdays and 2 Sundays) - The brackets and sign-ups for it will be held on the website as a special page just for the occasion
13) A possible ranking system will be decided on later into development
14) Other Possible Features: Realistic air amounts - Diving will Allow you to dive over the snake - Ramping - Penalties(overshooting etc)
15) In game visuals: Visible paint hits and splatter - Balls that didnt break - Pods






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